Magnificent raised and shaded park of domain regaliere

A domain of 4500 m² to welcome you.

As soon as the beautiful days are there, the park becomes the ideal place to have breakfast, have dinner on the terrace or under trees, read a book quietly or simply make nothing…
Surrounded with a stony low wall topped with hedges, the park allows to take advantage from the outside while feeling at home.

The Domain is decorated with numerous big trees such as chestnut tree, conifers, palm trees, Judas trees, laurels, medlar, hackberry, etc. without forgetting a forest of bamboo near the parking lot which will give you a foretaste of the famous “Bambouseraie” plantation.

These trees accommodate numerous varieties of birds: hoopoes, tits, blackbirds, wagtails, magpies etc…
Take advantage of a moment of tranquillity to observe them or to listen to the cicada song. This impressive singing is also called the cymbalisation: it is the melody of seduction of the male for the attention of the female cicada … Be allowed rock … Welcome in the South!